Information for adults

There are times when we really need to be listened to and to be able to talk to someone about the things that worry us or are causing us concern.

We may be facing a crisis of some sort such as bereavement, breakdown of a relationship, redundancy or illness or have other things which are causing difficulties.

Sometimes talking with friends and family is not enough, and outside help is needed.  Individual counselling is intended to provide support and space to help you explore difficult circumstances, patterns of behaviour or areas of your life which are causing concern in a confidential and safe setting.

Our counsellors see clients with a range of difficulties including relationship problems, anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement, anger, eating difficulties, abuse, redundancy, illness and substance misuse.  Whatever your therapeutic needs your counsellor will listen to you, show concern and respect and help you find ways to overcome difficulties and develop new ways of living and fulfilling your potential.

To make an appointment please contact us directly on 01432 269245 or e-mail requesting a self-referral form.  Our charges start from £39 per session and sessions last approximately 50 minutes (if you are under 21 we may be able to offer you a free service.  Please ask your GP or other health professional to refer you if you would like a free service).

If you have a substance misuse or drug problem we can help you too.  Whether your concerns about your mental health or worries about substance/drug addiction come first, recovery requires treatment of both the causes of your abuse and the use of drugs/substances.

In Herefordshire The CLD Trust works closely with DASH and GP’s to help with difficulties recover.

If you are over 18 and have a drug problem we may be able to provide you with a free service.

Ask your GP or DASH worker to refer you or contact us directly on 01432 269245 or e-mail