Information for parents & carers

There may be time in your son or daughter’s life when they need a little extra support.

Growing up isn’t always straightforward for young people or their parents and some young people can experience difficulties on their journey towards adulthood.

You may be worried about changes in your daughter or son’s behaviour, such as withdrawal for social activities and friends, tearfulness, anger or self-harm.  In these circumstances counselling may be able to help.

Counselling will provide the opportunity for your daughter or son to talk confidentially about the things that are worrying them.  What is said in the counselling room is confidential and young people will choose whether or not to tell you about it.

You shouldn’t feel worried by this.  You can support your son or daughter best by listening if they want to talk, but not asking them questions or pressuring them about their sessions.

All CLD Trust counsellors are fully qualified and have lots of experience of young people work.

Counsellors will help young people find ways of overcoming difficulties, sometimes if it’s difficult to talk, art work, drawing, painting, or clay work can help communication.

If there are things that need to be shared with you the counsellor will ask for permission to do this.

The only time that confidentiality would not be kept is if there was immediate danger or harm to your son or daughter or another person and we would let you know about this.

Free counselling services may be available by asking your GP to refer.  If you would like to request a paid service, please contact us on 01432 269245 or e-mail for a self-referral form.

We can normally offer an appointment quickly and certainly within two weeks.