Safeguarding Information

The CLD Trust is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of any person who comes into contact with our service – children , young people, parents, carers , staff, volunteers, trustees, contractors or any other organisations with whom the trust may engage.

Our policy and procedures set out the Trust’s approach and practice in ensuring safeguarding and to ensure the requirements of the Charity Commission are met. The policy applies to anyone working on behalf of the Trust and also any partner organisations with whom we work in collaboration.

All individuals have a right to be protected from abuse or neglect regardless of age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, ability or faith.

The CLD Trust is committed to ensuring high standards of practice which are upheld by everyone.

Safeguarding is embedded throughout the organisation and there is strong governance, leadership and culture throughout the Trust. Safer recruitment practices are in place to ensure that staff are suitable and given appropriate support and training. All staff have enhanced DBS clearance. We expect any partner organisations to have high standards of safeguarding practice.

The Trust is committed to raising awareness of all aspects of Safeguarding and ensuring robust procedures are in place.

The Trust will not tolerate abuse in any form.


The CLD Trust promotes a culture of safety across the organisation –

  • to ensure the safety and protection of our clients, staff and trustees.
  • to minimise the risk of harm and abuse.
  • to enable all who come in to contact with the Trust to have confidence that their concerns will be dealt with appropriately.
  • to ensure that every member of the staff understands their role.
  • to create an environment where anyone can raise a concern.
  • to support any individual who raises a concern.

Delegated responsibility

The trustees are responsible for the oversight of Safeguarding as set out in in The Charity Commission guidance updated November 21 and March 22

Delegated Safeguarding structure

The Chief Executive is responsible for leading and overseeing Safeguarding within the Trust and reports formally to the board of trustees.

Safeguarding is a standing item on the Trust’s formal meeting agenda.

The Trust operates a shared approach to risk. Any member of staff identifying a risk must consult with the duty manager or Chief Executive. If outside working hours the Chief Executive should be contacted.

All staff undergo regular safeguarding training for working with both children and young people and vulnerable adults.

Practice Managers and the Chief Executive are trained in the management of Safeguarding and act as leads within The CLD Trust.

If you would like any further information regarding our Safeguarding practice, please contact us.